Hyperflow is an excellent service platform with a very wide application in business, finance, KYC, AML, data quality, compliance, risk analysis, etc. We offer complete applications with user interface in the SaS model and middleware components, such as API, which can be used in own IT solutions.

All of our services and data are available in a single, integrated cloud environment that can provide unique synergy by combining data flows from multiple sources for even better streaming data analysis.

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PEP status list

This module could be used to verify if given individual is a politically exposed person (PEP status check tool).

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PEP verification log

This module could be used to display the history of queries whether a person is politically exposed.

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Basic CRM

The basic database module used to store flexible data structures of contractors.

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Polish company import

Extension module for CRM Database. It provides importing polish companies data from the Polish Central Statistical Office database.

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Polish Vat Scanner

This module provides basic information about the Polish company based on the polish VAT number(NIP).

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